Automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of your physical, virtual, and cloud servers and containers, network components,
software, services, applications, and their inter-relationships and inter-dependencies. Integrations, REST APIs and webhooks to
automate your workflows with a modern CMDB as a single source of truth. Comes with powerful Data Center Infrastructure
Management, IP Address Management and Application Mappings.


Features & Highlights


CMDB for the cloud Era

A single source of truth within your organisation. Get a clear view into your IT ecosystem to identify and manage all configuration items (CI).


Capacity & Power Planning

In addition to rack ‘U’ tracking, PDU outlet, and switch ports connections are recorded for capacity planning. Monitor power usage and control smart PDUs using SNMP.

Data Centre.png

Data Centre Management

Data centre inventory and asset management. No more manual, decentralised Visio diagrams and/or inconsistent Excel spreadsheets.


App Dependency Mapping

Anticipate and understand the implications of a rack outage or downed server. Improve IT troubleshooting and MTTR with clear network, connectivity, dependency, and impact visualisations.

IP Address.png

IP Address Management

IPAM made easy. No more trying to make sense of multiple disparate and outdated spreadsheets. Support for IPv4 and IPv6.


IT Assets & QR Codes

Powerful ITAM functionality supports management and tracking of all assets featuring custom QR codes with no need for proprietary barcode readers. iOS, Android, and Windows devices are supported.

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